>SLIDE SHOW: Key points

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>SLIDE SHOW: Technology in TVE

Here is a useful PowerPoint presentation summarising: * Goals of Vocational Education * Changes in "Teacher's" Role * How can Technology Meet Vocational Education Goals? * Tools and Technologies * Student Experiences. * What is Still Needed - and much more.

>MIND MAP: Why Digital Media

Zoom and scan this mind map to see how using digital media in education addresses
Learning Models, Learning Styles, Learning Theories and Learning Relevance.

>SCREENCAST: Delivering Digital Media Resources

This screencast illustrates the process of using HTML code from a Web host service to embed hosted digital media resources in a Wiki.

Embeding Resources in Wikis from tony tafe and Vimeo.


You can read (use the slider to scan the document), listen to (click the mp3 button), or download this article on the use of audio and video resources in education.