Exercises Results

The following are examples of resources that result from each of the exercises in this wiki's media sections.
Teachers can use these exercises to develop resources for their own teaching areas.
Teachers can modify these exercises for use by students to achieve learning at Bloom's higher learning levels viz Analysis, Synthesis and Evaluation.



This is a handout from my Quality Assurance subject. The font has been enlarged to 24pt. colour added, resaved and uploaded to Scribd.com

>>Tutorials With Images

Here is the start of an online tutorial on the use of a product. The tutorial commences with an image ot provide an overview of the product's parts. The image was edited and annotated in PowerPoint and cropped and enhanced using an online image editor - Picnik. SCRIBD is an excellent tool for delivering tutorials that include images and diagrams as it allows the learner to ZOOM and PAN and explore the images in detail.

>>Tests With Images

This is the test for the product tutorial created in the previous exercise. The ease with which these ProProf tests can be created and embedded make them an ideal resource for formative testing. Their effectiveness is increased with the addition of images (when relevant) and feedback.

>>PowerPoint Presenations

The images for this presentation were obtained from a Google search using "Quality Assurance" The PowerPoint presentation was uploaded to Slidshare.net to obtain the embed code for copying to this wiki page.

>>Images and Audio Narrations

This album is powered by BubbleShare - Add to my blog
This narrated slideshow was created using the BubbleShare slide service. The images were obtained by obtaining a SCREEN CAPTURE of successive PowerPoint operations and then pasting those 'captures'into a PowerPoint presentation. All the slides in the PowerPoint presentation were then saved as .jpg images using the SAVE AS function and uploaded to a NEW ALBUM in BubbleShare. A voice narration was then added to each slide in BubbleShare, the slideshow was saved and the embed code copied and pasted into this wiki for student access.

>>PowerPoint Presentations and Audio Narrations

This Slidecast has been created by adding a narration to the presentation created in the graphics intermediate exercise. The narration was created by recording a script and adding background music using Audacity. The resulting mp3 file was uploaded to the Internet Archive and a URL was obtained for the file. The narration's URL and the presentation were synchronised in SlideShare.net and the player's code copied and embedded.

>>Digital Reports With Voice and Music

Advanced Graphics Exercise from tony tafe and Vimeo.
This is a mini tutorial created using Photo Story and the images from a PowerPoint presenation converted to .jpg files. A voice narration, transitions and background music have been included. The graphics project has been saved as a .wmv file and uploaded to Vimeo.com and then embedded here.


>>Voice Resources

Here is a teacher's announcement recorded using Audacity and uploaded to DivShare.com to obtain a player's embed code. Publish these audio clips regularly in your blog or wiki, have students subscribe via the blog/wiki RSS feed and you are PODCASTING.

>>Voice, Music and Effects

Here is the announcement above with a sound effect added to the start and finish and background music added to the voice narration. The sound effect and music were copied from Sounddogs.

>>Podcasting Using Podomatic

Click here to get your own player.

Here is the player for podcasting audio recordings. The two previous audio files have been uploaded to Podomatic.com as podcast episodes. The embed code for the podcast player had been copied and each time a further episode is added the player will be automatically updated.

>>Podcasting Using Studio.Odeo

Here is an example of a podcast player created using the Studio Odeo podcast service. The audio files for this podcast were uploaded to the Internet Archive and then linked to the Odeo service. Click this icon to download the instructions for creating an Odeo podcast player


Video Using Movie Maker

Intermediate exercise solution from tony tafe and Vimeo.
The collection of resources for this video comprised the video and photos taken with a small digital camera and a cartoon from a Google search. Text was added using PhotoShop. The collection was imported, edited and produced as a movie file (.wmv) using MovieMaker. The movie file was uploaded to Vimeo to obtain the embed code for a video player.

Video Using Camtasia

This video created by a TAFE student illustrates the use of a range of media that includes voice, photos, graphics, music, etc. The project required students to integrate a wide range of media in developing a video to promote the sale of a builiding.

Screencast Using Camtasia

Embeding Resources in Wikis from tony tafe and Vimeo.
This screencast has been developed using Camtasia. Screen operations were captured for the applications SlideShare.net and WikiSpaces.com. Zoom and Callout functions were used to highlight key operations and the voice narration was added in Camtasia. Slides were produced using PowerPoint and saved as .jpg files.